Because the right words radiate

Have you ever heard of the Infinite Monkey Theorem? It states that given enough monkeys, pounding away on enough typewriters, they will eventually produce the works of Shakespeare.


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So why hire a copywriter to do what a bunch of monkeys could?

Before you go all Wicked Witch of the West and hire a bunch of winged copywriting minions, answer me this:
Why hire a copywriter

How much time are you willing to spend waiting around for the perfect product description to accidentally climb to the top of the monkey-made slush-pile that used to be your desk?

Okay, so you’re not a monkey. You’re far more intelligent, you have access to an endless supply of Google-wrangled how-to guides for writing copy at your fingertips, and you can focus long enough to actually get some serious work done.

But how long is writing that product description going to take you? Okay, now how long will it take you to get it just right? To cater to the language your customers use? To ensure it fits your branding? To optimize it for Google and the other search engines? To get it to radiate out into the world?

Isn’t your time better spent planning your overall marketing strategy, closing the sale, and keeping your customers happy? The truth is, if you’re serious about your business – if you want effective, powerful copy – no matter what your business – you need a professional copywriter. Period.

Luckily, Kathryn Casna at Radiation Writing has the talent, expertise, and drive to create that copy for you.

Shouldn’t your copy radiate?

Why Choose Radiation Writing?

home4“Kathryn’s writing skills have been instrumental in helping to boost my clients’ search engine rankings.” 


–Leslie Ramey, San Diego Web Design


Kathryn is a great listener. Her writing is sharp, witty, and flavored with feeling that readers respond to.”


 –Jessica Bennett, Endeavor Writing


She offers excellent value for money, is an excellent communicator, very pleasant to deal with”


–Dylan Roberts, HelloYoga Inc




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