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“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou


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What Is Digital Marketing?

“Kathryn Casna has worked with Vivid Visual Solutions on website copy and other digital projects. Each client has raved about the copy she has created and how professional she is to work with. She is a very talented copywriter.”

Digital marketing for small business

The answer to this question is quickly becoming, “Everything.” According to a 2015 Hubspot study, 61% of Internet users around the world research products and services online before buying. And we’ve all stood next to someone in a store and watched them Google a potential purchase before walking up to the register. If you don’t have a digital marketing plan – or your marketing copy is ineffective – you’re missing out on closing the sale. Digital marketing copy is anything that can be accessed on the web. This includes website copy, product descriptions, press releases, blog posts, newsletters, social media, articles, and landing pages – just to name a few. Each type of copy plays its own role in a comprehensive marketing plan, so make sure all the pieces fit.

Unforgettable Digital Marketing

So how do you take all of these types of copy and turn them into effective marketing? Well, knowing your customers is a great start. Once you understand who you’re targeting, hire a professional copywriter who has the experience and knowledge to write effective copy that converts.

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What do you want to tell your customers, and how?

I’m here to help you answer these questions, create effective copy, and make your marketing life easier. When you hire Radiation Writing for your digital copywriting needs, you know you’re getting quality copy from an experienced writer who knows how to meet deadlines and work with your team. I’m tenacious about asking questions, getting feedback from my clients, and ensuring your satisfaction.

The Right Writer

So how do you know I’m the writer for you? Check out the samples below. If they look like something you’re interested in – or you have something deliciously unique in mind,

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Digital Marketing Samples

Blog About SEO

Blog About SEO

The Importance of On-Page SEO

E-commerce is driven by search engines. It’s a fact of the modern world. So when you market your business website, it would be foolish to expect success if you optimize your marketing strategies without search engines in mind. There are two ways to do this: on-page SEO and off-page SEO. Lately, Google has placed more and more importance on off-site SEO to rank web pages, but don’t be fooled into thinking it’s the only SEO that matters. In fact, on-page SEO may even be more important.


On-Page, Off-Page…What’s the Difference?

If the two terms sound like a foreign language, don’t worry. Their definitions are actually quite intuitive. On-page SEO is everything you can do to your own website to make it search engine friendly. That includes creating quality content with great keywords, organizing your site logically, creating a good URL structure, and using tags, titles, captions, and anchor text effectively. Off-page SEO is everything else. That includes social media marketing, link building, and social bookmarking.

Think of it this way: Off-site SEO is like cultivating word of mouth, handing out fliers, creating radio commercials, etc. It’s how you would bring customers to your physical store, if you have one.

On-Site SEO is like optimizing your physical store so customers like what they see when they get there. Effective signage directs customers from the parking lot into your store and helps them navigate through aisles and sections to find what they want. Decor, how you display your products, and well-trained employees all tell the customer who you are and what you’re about. This is what a website with effective on-page SEO will do, virtually.


The King of the Internet

As the unofficial King of the Internet, Google makes the rules for SEO. If you break them, your website will be banished from court and no one will ever find it. Google became The King by helping people find what they want: great products, quality content, and the ability to stay connected. And Google is becoming better and better at making its subjects happy.

Before social media became such an important part of our lives, Google focused on on-page SEO for ranking your site. With the latest updates, however, Google relies on what trusted sites and other people are saying about your website more than ever. This is why so many people will tell you that off-page SEO is so important. And that’s true. If no one is talking about your site, if no one is linking to your site, it could take years to get a top ranking. And you’ll never be number one.

Imagine trying to get customers to a physical store without any advertising. You’d have to rely on the right customer strolling by at the exact moment they need your product. Doesn’t seem effective, does it?


They’re Here: Now What?

Before you get too carried away with off-page SEO, though, it’s important to optimize your site first. Your Facebook and back link campaigns may bring customers to your site, but that’s not really the point of your business, is it? Whatever you sell, your business is about converting that traffic into sales. That means having quality products that are easy to find and buy. It may also mean being a trusted authority in your field by providing quality content your customers want. And that’s what on-page SEO is all about.

But on-page SEO can make Google happy, too. Think of the Google-bot as a customer. The Google-bot patrols the internet, looking for great websites and ranking them from most useful to least useful for human internet users — some of whom are your potential customers. The Google-bot needs SEO tags, titles, a proper URL structure, and anchor text to find and navigate your website. And it needs to know you have quality, useful content that’s pertinent to the keywords it finds there. And guess what? That’s what people need, too. If you make the people happy, The King of the Internet will honor you with its favor.


Everywhere you look, numerous SEO experts and amateurs alike will extol the virtues and benefits of off-page SEO. But if you don’t have great on-page SEO too, you may as well close up shop.

Google Case Study

Case Study

Brief History

Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin met at Stanford University in 1995, where they began developing technology for Stanford’s universal library system as part of a PhD project. They based their thesis on the concept that back-links were more important for ranking search results than the number of times a keyword appeared — then the current standard. Wanting to apply their research to search engine standards in the real world, they started the Google Company in 1998, gaining revenue from text-based ads on their homepage. In 2000, the company unveiled AdWords, a system that would not only create revenue for the Google, but would help other companies get their ads in front of consumers who actually wanted to see them, a win-win-win situation. For more than a decade after, Google introduced cutting edged products that have become standards in the technology industry, such as Gmail, Android, and Chrome.


Obstacles/Challenges Overcome

Originally, Page and Brin did not want to start a company based on their research at Stanford. They weren’t interested in creating a search engine with advertisements, which is how such a company could make a profit. Instead, starting in 1998, they pitched their research to prospective licensors–mostly focusing on the major portal companies. None of the portal companies were interested, however. With the encouragement of Yahoo! founder, friend, and future business partner David Filo, Brin and Page decided to start their own company. The team decided they would use ads on their search engine in order to make a profit, but would never let the ads take precedence over providing the world with the best search engine. Andy Bechtolsheim of Sun Microsystems handed them a $100,00 dollar check, which they couldn’t deposit immediately because the Google Company didn’t officially exist yet With the help of yet another friend and future partner, Google was born.


Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn from Google

Google has one famous, long-standing feud with Microsoft, fueled by each company continuing to produce directly competitive products (Bing and Google Search; cell phone operating systems; Internet Explorer and Chrome web browsers). For the most part, however, Google has actively sought out and benefitted from a wide range of partnerships with other companies, like Samsung, Sun Microsystems, and NASA. Google even has, or had, partnerships with companies that were or would become direct competitors, like Yahoo! and AOL, each of which has offered a search engine on their websites at some point. Brin and Page created the very concept of Google while working toward advancing the Stanford Digital Library Project. The Google Company strives to create mutually beneficial relationships across companies and customers, and works within the philosophy that a company can make money without being evil. And they’ve proven that philosophy over and over.

Email marketing campaign concept

Email Marketing Campaign from Concept to Delivery

Congratulations on receiving the Compulsion Reads Endorsement! We obviously think that your novel has great promise, so let’s see about getting the rest of the world to come to that same conclusion.


S.E.A.L. Tips

We want to help you and your book to succeed, so we have created the S.E.A.L. (Successful Endorsed Author List) Tips series, a set of seven emails that will include a few tips a week to help you take full advantage of the Compulsion Reads Endorsement. These weekly emails will cover things like using the Compulsion Reads Endorsement Seal, managing your book’s info on our website, utilizing your existing social networks, and other things you can do to leverage your endorsement. Let’s get started with your first tip!

Tip #1: Carefully read and assess your book’s review. This tip is very time sensitive. If you like your review, you’re done. We’ll post it automatically. If you are unhappy with your review, you have four days to contact us at to request that we don’t post it, so no lollygagging! Remember, we won’t alter the content of a review at your request, but we will refrain from posting it if you are unhappy with it. If you do nothing else regarding your endorsement this week, please review your review!


Piece of cake, right? (Mmmm…cake.) For more pieces of cake – that is, tips, tricks, and thoughts on writing and marketing – visit our blog. You can also join us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter. And, of course, stay tuned for more S.E.A.L. Tips!


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Quinoa and Farro: A Tale of Two Supergrains

Grains from Two CulturesHealth and Nutrition Article

It seems one can’t go two steps in the grocery store, or two clicks around the internet, without reading about some new superfood that’s all the rage for dieters. Superfood has only been used to describe really healthy foods for the last few years, but some of nature’s best foods have been around for centuries. Quinoa and farro, for example, are staples for some of humanity’s oldest cultures. It’s only now that science is discovering just how wonderful these grains really are. Farro health benefits and the benefits of quinoa are pretty impressive.

In the U.S., the benefits of quinoa are far more well-known than farro health benefits. You might know, for example, that quinoa is also known as the “Gold of the Incas” because consuming it increased the stamina of Incan warriors. Farro, however, is the oldest known cultivated grain in the world. The first Mesopotamians, Egyptian pharaohs, and entire Roman legions took advantage of farro health benefits. This probably explains why farro is more popular in Italy and Europe than Quinoa is. Either way, both of these grains are sources of great nutrition!


Benefits of Quinoa

You are probably familiar with some of the benefits of quinoa. For starters, it has an incredible amount of fiber, nearly twice that of most other whole grains. Eating a diet full of fiber helps our bodies in so many ways, that this fact alone could make quinoa a supergrain. Fiber helps lower cholesterol levels and blood pressure. It also lowers gluclose levels in the blood, which can help prevent diabetes. And if that weren’t enough, having lots of fiber in your diet aids in digestion and weight loss. Fiber helps nutrients move through your body and it takes longer to chew and digest than other foods, helping you eat less and feel fuller longer. But these aren’t the only benefits of quinoa.

One of the benefits of quinoa is that it’s great in a vegetarian or vegan diet. Vegans in particular often have a difficult time getting all of the protein they need with the same variety that meat-eaters consume with ease. Lysine, a type of protein common in animal products, is quite difficult to find in grains and vegetables. But quinoa contains large amounts of lysine, as well as 8 other essential amino acids. That’s comparable to a glass of milk!

Vegetarians will also be happy to know that one of the benefits of quinoa is a large amount of iron. Iron is crucial for brain and body health because it carries oxygen to our cells. In fact, a whopping 20% of the oxygen we use is needed in the brain, and without enough iron your brain just won’t get enough. Throw a cup of quinoa in with your salad, however, and you’ll get a hearty serving of oxygen-giving iron!

That’s one impressive grain, right? Well, wait until you read about the other benefits of quinoa. This supergrain is jam-packed with phytonutrients, anti-inflamatory and disease-fighting antioxidants. Quinoa also contains healthy amounts of magnesium for strong bones and blood vessels. Vitamin B2, or riboflavin, helps boost your energy, and B6, thiamin, niacin, potassium, copper, zinc, and folate help round out your diet. Quinoa has also been linked to stroke and heart disease prevention because it removes plaque from artery walls. And the best part? You get all of the benefits of quinoa without any gluten.


Benefits of Farro

On the other side of the Atlantic, farro health benefits help Europeans eat well. Like quinoa, farro contains a healthy amount of fiber — nearly 8 grams in one cup. Farro also helps round out the European diet with magnesium, various forms of vitamin B, and vitamin E. The list of farro health benefits also includes a variety of antioxidants, including phytonutrients, lignans, and betaine.

Farro also contains some pretty impressive proteins. Vegans will be impressed by the whopping 7 grams of protein in every serving of farro.

Do you have a gluten sensitivity? Believe it or not, there are some farro health benefits for you, too. While it’s true that farro is not a gluten-free food, it contains far less gluten protein than most other sources.

Additionally, farro contains gluten proteins that are different from those typically available in other grains.These days, the gluten found in common wheat products is not the same as it used to be. Through GMO and centuries of breeding for favorable qualities like higher yields and heartier plants, the gluten proteins we consume every day have changed. And our bodies often see these new proteins as allergens, not food.

So, where does farro come in? Farro has the unique distinction of being very similar to the same grain that was harvested in the fertile crescent and placed lovingly in the tombs of Egyptian pharaohs many centuries ago. So, while farro health benefits may not include gluten-free nutrition, many people with gluten sensitivities may be less sensitive to farro.


Two Grains, Twice the Benefits

The benefits of quinoa may already be a part of your diet, but you don’t have to feel like this grain is your only option for great nutrition. Farro is becoming more popular in the U.S., and the Artisanal Kitchen can help by bringing you farro health benefits with our quality products. Farro has a nuttier taste than quinoa, with cashew notes, overtones of cinnamon, and a satisfying chew. Add some farro health benefits to your diet today!

Court of Versailles Brochure Copy

Luxury Real Estate BrochureUltimate elegance and refinement await discerning buyers in Fort Lauderdale. The Court of Versailles is nothing short of monumental. Custom built with European influences, especially those of France and Italy, the estate has everything one could possibly want – with enough additional space to add further amenities if desired.

This incredible home took four years to complete and features distinguishing details of 24 karat gold fixtures, imported European hand-crafted furniture, travertine marble and mahogany finishes, and art frescoes inspired by Michaelangelo, the Vatican, and the original Palais de Versailles.


Faultless Luxury

The moment you enter the Court of Versailles, you’ll be transported to 17th century France. Lions and goddesses greet you at the elegantly carved front double doors. They welcome you to a world of luxury, sprinkled with baroque and rococo refinement. Opulent architecture rises before the main entrance in the form of marble floors and columns, plus a robust, awe-inspiring Murano crystal chandelier weighing over 1000 pounds. A grand staircase with Santo mahogany paneling and wrought iron railings bring the eye upward toward Russian hand painted ceilings that would make Louis XIV himself proud.

A spacious second floor landing looks down into the grand salon, where a duplicate chandelier tempts you to a sit before the grand fireplace and marvel at the carved marble mantle. Custom drapes soar to a height of 30 feet over floor to ceiling windows, allowing abundant natural light to filter inwards.


Masterpiece Suite

Featured on HGTV’s Million Dollar Rooms, the Italian themed master suite is a grand affair that offers a spacious living room complete with wet bar. The opulent living room features an elegant marble fireplace and hand carved marble mantle that was inspired by Michelangelo’s sculptures. The polished hardwood floors gleam beneath elegant twin chandeliers and hand painted 14ft ceilings. Large French doors open onto the upper terrace overlooking the pool and Gazebo, while a fully-automated system offers custom-fit blackout drapes for complete comfort and privacy. The grand master bed rests beneath an exquisite domed painted ceiling and Corinthian columns.

One step into the master bathroom will transport you into a sanctuary. The circular main chamber features Corinthian marble columns and at its center a 100-gallon step up marble tub with 24 karat gold plated fixtures. Above, a hand-painted, 25ft domed cathedral ceiling was inspired by the Vatican. His and her connecting bathrooms and mahogany walk-in closets with custom beveled glass and a granite island provide comfort, while 24 karat gold plated fixtures and rich wood and marble finishes throughout offer luxury and refinement.


Dining and Entertaining

Social engagements have never been so elegant. The formal kitchen is truly a gourmet chef’s delight, with mahogany and granite finishes. It features two Viking Professional Gas 6 burner ranges with a total of three ovens; Dacor Convection oven; Sub Zero refrigerator; Miele dishwasher; and so much more. Creating the perfect Court of Versailles meal is at your fingertips. A Miele cappuccino coffee machine with warming tray and wine cooler make even beverages euphoric. Dine in the breakfast nook or take formal meals in the grand dining room.

As you enter the formal dining room, a long, beautifully hand-crafted Italian formal dining table seats 14, with ample room for sideboard tables. Twin chandeliers, custom drapes, and hand-painted fresco ceilings that soar to 12 feet add elegance to any dining occasion, while the nearby wet bar and living areas make entertaining effortless.


The Grounds

Luxury and elegance extend outdoors as well. A private front gate with a call box ensures privacy, while the custom brick paved driveway invites guests to enter and enjoy views of fruit orchards. Two 2-acre lots on either side of the tree-lined driveway are perfect for extended privacy, or if you heart desires, build additional homes for extended family.

Once at the Court of Versailles, guests can enjoy two exterior lower terraces as well as a central terrace with outdoor travertine marble. A separate guest house offers a full kitchen, wet bar, dining area, living area, and full bathroom. The rotunda-style gazeebo holds its own kitchen with grill, countertops, seating, and air conditioning while overlooking the heated 50ft swimming pool with a travertine marble deck. A summer kitchen also includes a grill, as well as Viking, Miel, GE, and Dacor appliances. Together, they offer abundant space for entertaining that feels like a private retreat.


Southwest Ranches and Beyond

The future owners of the Court of Versailles will be just minutes from several equestrian centers and have access to a flourishing equestrian community. Southwest Ranches is mostly rural, however it still offers all the necessary conveniences. This affluent community lies at the edge of the Everglades and just 15 miles outside of Metro Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

With an economy built largely on tourism, boating, and healthcare, Fort Lauderdale is perfect for a busy executive. The city has a large international airport located just 30 minutes from the property as well as an active yachting culture. Enjoy the thriving nightlife at the Riverwalk Arts and Entertainment District in downtown after working in the city, or retire to your own sanctuary to relax. A walk along the beach or fishing in the Intracoastal Waterway are a short drive away as well, making the Court of Versailles both peaceful and close to everything.

Rocco IPhone 6 Case Product Launch

Technology Press Release

On Monday, 15th Dec 2014 a new IPhone 6 (4.7”) protective case will hit the market. It’s called the Rocco iPhone Heavy Duty Case with Kickstand and it’s both shockproof and impact resistant. It comes with a lifetime guarantee.

The Rocco iPhone 6 Heavy Duty Case is a perfect fit for 4.7” size iPhones with cut-outs for the camera lens, silent mode switch, and the iconic Apple logo. Stylish, pressure sensitive button protectors cover the power and volume buttons.

“We really feel that the Rocco iPhone 6 Case is the secret to never having to buy another iPhone 6 replacement,” said Angela Drakeford, CEO of Rocco. “Getting the latest Apple technology is an investment, and we want to help people protect that.”

Almost as soon as the new iPhone6’s arrived on the market in September of this year, Apple consumers complained that the phones were difficult to hold on to. Their slick casing and rounded edges have made drops and damage to these new phones highly likely.

The Rocco case addresses these issues by creating a non-slip texture around the phone and protective layers that prevent damage should an iPhone be dropped. In fact, the Rocco iPhone 6 Case is designed to prevent several types of damage, including shock and impact.

There are three layers to the case. The front layer protects the area around the screen and secures the rest of the case to the phone. The inner back layer is made of a high-grade shock absorption inner gel TPU sleeve to help prevent damage from any falls. The outer, flexible layer is highly textured to prevent many falls altogether.

The outer layer also includes a super durable kickstand that allows for hands-free movie watching, reading, and video communication.

For a limited time, the Rocco iPhone 6 case also comes with a free screen protector that can be used in conjunction with all three layers of the Rocco case.

The simple design allows for easy installation and removal of the case, but Rocco recommends leaving the case on, except for cleaning, to ensure the safety of its customers’ iPhones. To help keep iPhones safe, Rocco also backs its iPhone Case with a lifetime guarantee.

The unique design is also stylish and comes in eight vibrant and trendy colors, including Jet Black, Sleek Silver, Bright Pink, Crimson, Metallic Orange, Lime Green, Bodacious Blue, and Violet.

Rocco has several other protective cases for mobile devices available on Amazon. The Rocco iPhone 6 Heavy Duty Case will be available soon on amazon as well.