“The difference between the right word and almost the right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug.” – Mark Twain




How do you know you have the right writer?

Check_Mark_orangeDoes she have experience?
Check_Mark_orangeA well-developed portfolio?
Check_Mark_orangeA record of ecstatic clients?
Check_Mark_orangeDoes she dedicate full-time hours to writing?

I do.

I’ve worked with businesses all over the world to create targeted, engaging copy that their readers love.

From household brands to the marketing companies that represent them, I’ve asked the right questions, quoted reasonable prices, and met deadlines. I’ve mentored with digital marketing, copywriting, SEO, journalist, and social media gurus.

If you’ve been to my digital marketing  and travel writing pages, you know I have the portfolio and testimonials to back that up. I’ll let those speak for themselves.

How did my story begin?

Everyone has an origin story. Mine begins at a job I had once loved, but burned me out to the point of exhaustion. I worked with CEOs and marketing directors on corporate events in 4-star resorts. Excellence, a positive attitude, and customer service were of the utmost importance. I learned how to give all of these to each and every one of my clients, despite the burnout.

In a serendipitous turn of events, I found an unpaid internship with a company that endorsed, reviewed, and marketed Indie published books. The owners were digital marketing gurus who turned out to be the best pair of mentors a copywriter could ask for.

I didn’t know I wanted to be a copywriter when I began the internship. I didn’t know I wanted to start my own company. And I certainly didn’t know that after spending just one weekend with these incredible women that I’d be putting in two weeks’ notice at my resort job.

But I did. And all it took was a paradigm shift.

The savings I had built up for the trip I’d never get the time off to take? That became my startup cushion. That dumpy, over-priced apartment that made me feel so grown up? Didn’t need it. The buzz I got from doubling my monthly minimum payment on my student loans? Replaced by the thrill of zapping my own business to life. It’s alive!

When you have an opportunity that hits you like lightning, you can’t bottle it like a lightning bug for later. You have to snatch it up and let it re-energize your whole life.

So what do you do when opportunity strikes your brand, like an incredible product or service?

You hire me to inject a little lightning into your copy, that’s what. Let’s turn that lightning bug into a bolt of energy and unleash it on the world.

Let’s write copy that radiates. Contact me today to get started!


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