Radiation Writing
Art piece featuring the word

The Big V

  It was a question I heard almost a dozen times in the two whirlwind weeks I spent in the Philippines this February. I really shouldn’t have been surprised. I was, after all, staying with my boyfriend’s

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And One More Thing…

My last post talked about how to satiate your wanderlust when you can’t get away. I like that post. It was a good one But it’s incomplete. I realize now it just wasn’t thorough enough. Because over

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A road stretching out to the horizon with blue sky, dotted clouds, and Colorado scenery

How Can I Indulge in Wanderlust Between Adventures?

Wanderlust. For some of us, it’s more like wandergreed. We just can’t get enough traveling, exploring, adventuring, experiencing, or anything else that pulls our hearts away from home. Unfortunately,

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Temecula Sunset

Untraditionally Temecula

Gorgeous, California mission-inspired architecture. Romantic bed and breakfasts with vineyard views. Party buses filled with tiara’ed brides and their entourages wielding plastic penises and wine glasses. This

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Kat Writes a Poem

I hate poetry. Scratch that. I don’t get poetry. It’s never been my forte. It always seems like a jumbled, cryptic, random form of writing. But every now and then, I get inspired enough to

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How to Make New Friends Lickity-Split-Like on the Road

Before I set out on this crazy, half-cocked road trip across the country, I had a lot of fears about traveling. It took a lot to overcome those fears, which I’d like to address in another post sometime,

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Is It True What They Say?

Is everything really bigger in Texas? Well, the skies are certainly big because the landscape is made mostly of rolling hills. At least in Western Texas. And, without mountains in the way, the sun sets

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Truth or Consequences?

Ever heard of the game show? It was pretty popular back in the day. Well, a small community in New Mexico certainly has. In fact, they loved the show so much they changed their town’s name from Hot

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Cold Wood and the Frontiers of College Life

Okay, I know I’m behind in posting, but I totally wrote this two days ago when I was in Albuquerque, I just had so much fun with my host that night I didn’t want to stop and jump on the ol’ blog.

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Speaking of Hobbit Hovels…

I visited some pueblos today. If you’re unfamiliar with these, they are dwellings built into the side of cliffs, usually by ancient peoples. They are generally only accessible by ladder and are built

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