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What Is Digital Marketing?


“Kathryn Casna has worked with Vivid Visual Solutions on website copy and other digital projects. Each client has raved about the copy she has created and how professional she is to work with. She is a very talented copywriter.”

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The answer to this question is quickly becoming, “Everything.” According to a 2015 Hubspot study, 61% of Internet users around the world research products and services online before buying. And we’ve all stood next to someone in a store and watched them Google a potential purchase before walking up to the register. If you don’t have a digital marketing plan – or your marketing copy is ineffective – you’re missing out on closing the sale. Digital marketing copy is anything that can be accessed on the web. This includes website copy, product descriptions, press releases, blog posts, newsletters, social media, articles, and landing pages – just to name a few. Each type of copy plays its own role in a comprehensive marketing plan, so make sure all the pieces fit.

Unforgettable Digital Marketing

So how do you take all of these types of copy and turn them into effective marketing? Well, knowing your customers is a great start. Once you understand who you’re targeting, hire a professional copywriter who has the experience and knowledge to write effective copy that converts.

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What do you want to tell your customers, and how?

I’m here to help you answer these questions, create effective copy, and make your marketing life easier. When you hire Radiation Writing for your digital copywriting needs, you know you’re getting quality copy from an experienced writer who knows how to meet deadlines and work with your team. I’m tenacious about asking questions, getting feedback from my clients, and ensuring your satisfaction.

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So how do you know I’m the writer for you? Check out the samples below. If they look like something you’re interested in – or you have something deliciously unique in mind,

I’m here to help.

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